Use Cases & Customer Stories

Since 2006, Geminare has helped a variety of global enterprise and service providers meet their business goals. Discover how our platform can work for you.
Customer Stories
Learn more about the real experiences of Geminare’s customers and partners.
IT solutions provider expands their business by offering enhanced DRaaS solutions integrated with Google Cloud.
U.S. government agency meets strict compliance requirements while getting unanticipated additional functionality from the platform.
Law firm provides uninterrupted service to customers and avoids costly downtime using advanced server replication service.
Global asset investments firm deploys easy-to-manage enterprise business continuity and replication services while keeping costs in check.
Responding to an outage, Canada’s largest independent structured products admin firm quickly recovers service with Geminare’s failover and failback capabilities.
With a recent disruption, this SaaS technology company needed a reliable, yet cost-effective solution to provide near-100% application availability to their customers.
Real-estate title agency implements a more efficient DR program that’s also reliable with regulatory compliance and bank security audits.
With its on-site backup system no longer sufficient, this recruitment agency needed a server replication solution that could keep confidential information securely in the cloud.
Data solutions provider increases its operational efficiency with significant cost savings by moving to a managed service model for business continuity.
With advanced machine learning, MovieComm turns their smaller movie clip directory into a searchable database of millions of data endpoints.
Drift Management
One of the world’s largest banks was searching for a way to automate the manual process of evaluating Drift Management and DR readiness.

Using Geminare’s RMP, managing drift and DR for their entire ecosystem is now achieved from a single platform.

Multi-Tier, Multi-Tenancy
An international consulting firm needed a better way to manage multi-tiered business units across multiple countries.

With multi-tiered and multi-tenant support, Geminare enabled greater oversight of their entire environment allowing for a coordinated approach to multi-layered management.

Audit & SLA Preparedness
A US Government Agency with strict SLAs required continuous uptime for mission-critical services.

Geminare helped them create self-defined active SLA monitoring, user-configured and controlled threshold alerts, reporting on any cloud, and guaranteed SLA and audit compliance.

Automated Runbooks
A large insurance company required automated workflows to coordinate DR events and standard application management services.

Using Geminare’s platform, they can now deploy application Runbooks using an easy-to-use Runbook tool and templates in hours (not weeks) per application.

Data Mover Orchestration
A service provider with hundreds of bank and financial institution customers needed to orchestrate DoubleTake across their entire ecosystem.

Using Geminare, their disjointed and manual processes for managing DoubleTake were more efficiently centralized, saving thousands of hours of manual tasks.

VNOC Reporting
A global technology services company needed to oversee DR, requesting compare, control and alert capabilities while managing resources.

Geminare gave them full ecosystem visibility, including granular-level reporting on networked devices within both the Production and Recovery networks — regardless of infrastructure.

Cloud Migration for Partners
One of Geminare’s largest partners needed to migrate two of their major global data centers from on-premises to the cloud using Google Cloud Platform.

Managed seamlessly through Geminare’s RMP, the migration was successfully coordinated and the partner’s end users received uninterrupted support and services during the migration.

Cloud Migration for End Customers
An international hospitality software company needed to migrate thousands of endpoints from on-premises to the Azure Public Cloud, hosting hundreds of different applications while layering on DR services.

Geminare helped them coordinate a successful migration using the RMP, resulting in better management capabilities as well as significant cost savings in infrastructure management.

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