Get granular-level details about all your networked devices, no matter what infrastructure they run on.
Monitor, control & report on any cloud or on-premises system
Knowing the real-time status of your VMs and the ability to pinpoint irregularities is essential to a controlled operational IT environment. But when the status of your critical applications ‘drifts’ from the configured state, these changes can be difficult to identify, track and resolve.

Geminare’s VNOC gives you visibility into your server network, allowing you to monitor the status of your devices and services in real-time.

  • Drift management with detailed historical comparison reporting
  • 5-tiered levels of privileged access and control
  • Remote management, monitoring and reporting
  • Review server performance over time
  • Protect your environment and be DR-ready
Get More with Geminare’s Virtual NOC
Forecast resource issues before they happen
Stop and start remote services automatically or via triggers
Examine system configuration and usage before initiating recovery systems
Create detailed reports of systems across entire infrastructure
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