Compliance Reporting

Automate and scale your compliance requirements, orchestrated across any hybrid infrastructure.
Make policy and regulatory compliance predictable, resilient and scalable
With policies and regulatory requirements constantly evolving, staying compliant can become complex and costly.

Geminare’s multi-tenanted system makes meeting global compliance requirements a much easier task for IT teams. Meet the strictest compliance standards easily and without specialized expertise, protecting onsite data from accidental deletions, modifications or corruption.

  • Cross-environment compliance monitoring for cloud and on-premises systems
  • Control access rights & deploy standardized policies
  • Capture disaster recovery configuration changes or “drift”
  • Audit and rollback capabilities
Customer Experience:
Continuous Access and Compliance
System down-time is taboo in the financial services industry, and Sprott Asset Management’ s IT is under constant pressure to ensure continuous access to critical data and applications, while adhering to key compliance regulations.

With Geminare, “we could just set it and forget it.”

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