Features & Capabilities

A better view of everything in your network means more accurate planning and compliance.
Get a clear picture of what’s happening, the moment it happens.
With so many different elements to manage within any enterprise IT infrastructure, it can be difficult to accurately monitor and respond efficiently and cost-effectively.

Geminare’s Service Management Platform (SMP) makes it easier to proactively control, track, and report on everything across all systems — without needing an expanded budget for additional labor and infrastructure costs.

Build an Efficient and Transparent IT Environment
Customize metering and alerts on all IT components down to the second
Improve compliance reporting & auditing for any cloud or on-premises technology
Centralize health monitoring across all networks and platforms
Review server performance over time & automate customer SLAs
Forecast resource issues before they happen
Remotely manage and monitor VMs stored in virtually any environment
Feature-Rich Tools for Enhanced Service Management
Improve the speed, reliability and application recovery of your business processes using the RMP’s advanced DR automation and orchestration tools.
Use customized Runbooks to reduce manual workloads, increase efficiency, and achieve a faster response.
Make complex processes easier to manage, automating multiple workflows simultaneously on one self-service dashboard.
Application Management
Synthesize your data using a comprehensive catalog of prebuilt application integration templates and advanced Runbook sequencing.
Multi-Cloud, Public Cloud
Manage virtual machines across any infrastructure platform, including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud and more.
Virtual Network Operations Center (VNOC)
Get granular-level details about networked devices regardless of the infrastructure on which they run.
SLA Management
Maintain a high standard of service, with customizable SLA monitoring and alerts across any platform.
Compliance Reporting
Proactively meet regulatory requirements using intelligent reporting capabilities that scale with your business.
There ’s usually a big cost factor around the monitoring, maintenance and support of any internal solution you put in place, but with Geminare it can all be managed in one place.”
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We know you’ll understand the value of the SMP once you see the solution for yourself
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