Technical Specifications

Everything enterprise IT needs to fully automate and orchestrate disaster recovery in one easy-to-manage platform.
The “Manager of Managers”* for reliable and cost-efficient business continuity.
Outages happen, but that doesn’t mean your business or its customers have to be disrupted.

With the most comprehensive IT Resilience Orchestration solution on the market, Geminare’s RMP makes it easier to fully control and automate all backup, replication and recovery processes from one unified dashboard.

* Ranked industry leader in 2020 Gartner DRaaS Market Guide
Market-Leading* Automation & Orchestration Capabilities
The multi-patented RMP goes beyond what other ITRO systems provide, delivering true business process and application resilience — not just VM recovery.
* Ranked industry leader in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for DRaaS
Integrate the Broadest Range of Technologies
Manage workloads from multiple backup and replication technologies simultaneously. On-premises, private, public or hybrid cloud — the RMP connects it all together.
Easy Management for Reliable Application Resiliency
Be confident everything is running properly and see you’re protected at a glance. The RMP makes it simple for one administrator to oversee everything.
Feature-Rich Tools for Enhanced Disaster Recovery
Improve the speed, reliability and application recovery of your business processes using the RMP’s advanced DR automation and orchestration tools.
Take advantage of single pane of glass management of all backups, creating an orchestrated approach to data protection.
Protect your business by fully replicating critical servers in real-time to a secure cloud environment.
Use customized Runbooks to reduce manual workloads, increase efficiency, and achieve a faster DR response.
Make complex DR processes easier to manage, automating multiple workflows simultaneously on one self-service dashboard.
Application Management
Take advantage of single pane of glass management of all backups, creating an orchestrated approach to data protection.
Integrate Everything for Better Control
Geminare supports the most complex heterogeneous environments, enabling instant API communication with most applications and platforms such as Oracle, SAP, Google Cloud, Veritas and more.

Connect everything together for easier automation and orchestration, drawing from a catalog of over 1000 pre-built application templates.

Learn Why Enterprise IT & Service Providers Choose Geminare
IT solutions provider grows business by offering enhanced DR solutions
“By leveraging the Geminare DRaaS Platform and suite of offerings, we were able to expand our solution suite practically overnight.”
U.S. Government agency solves disaster recovery issues while meeting strict compliance rules
“We’re thrilled with the service at all levels, and as an added bonus we’ ve now got a built-in reliable, secure and fast file transfer system.”
The RMP gives us the ability to touch and control all elements needed for true IT resilience using a single tool...and the cross-platform capabilities put Geminare in a class by itself.”
Ready to know more?
We know you’ll understand the value of the RMP once you see the solution for yourself.
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  • Free demonstration of the RMP dashboard
  • Proof-of-concept environment customized to your business & built in just a few days
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