Easily and securely manage your data backups for a rapid recovery.
Control, schedule & report on all data backups in one convenient place.
Reliable backup technologies are critical to every business, but managing everything can be costly and difficult to scale.

By fully integrating with any backup technology, Geminare’s Resiliency Management Platform centralizes everything in one dashboard for easier management, clearer reporting and faster data recovery.

One Dashboard for All Backups

Access your data faster

Schedule and manage all backups from one place

Optimize with Automation & Orchestration

Take backups beyond the software’s limitations

Quickly and easily restore operations

Regular, Detailed Reporting on Backups

Centralize your data for easier reporting

Works seamlessly with any infrastructure

Keep it all Protected
The RMP’s advanced Backup capabilities delivers a powerful tool to use against any cyber incident. Create an orchestrated approach to data protection and keep everything safe.


Application Data




Clean System Snapshots


Volumes, VMDKs and Disks

Get More with Geminare’s Backup
Geminare’s platform is easy to manage, yet also advanced in the comprehensive capabilities it offers users.

Scalable and fully-customizable, our Backup solution gives you the tools needed for enhanced security, complete control and reliable business continuity.

  • Disaster Recovery from Backup
  • Continuous Environment Preparedness
  • Visibility & Control
  • Operational Task Automation
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