Spend less time and money managing your IT operations and get more reliable results.
Secure Self-Service IT Operations for Better Efficiency and Faster Recovery
With so many different technologies and infrastructure to manage, automation becomes a critical tool for enterprise IT to scale, grow and meet user and compliance standards.

Geminare’s Automation capabilities make it easy to automate Runbooks to enhance IT resilience, optimize operations and free up costly resources associated with manual IT management.

  • Eliminate costly errors and omissions
  • Automate workflows in any environment, whether on-premises or cloud
  • Replace manual tasks with customizable Runbooks
  • Easily oversee everything — make knowledge transfer simple for your team
Build a Mature and Scalable Control System
Use Runbooks automation to optimize critical recovery and backup functions and make day-to-day operations run seamlessly in the background. Start and stop Runbooks at any point, and safely test without committing.
Execute disaster recovery commands
Deploy & manage applications
Authenticate users & control access
Reliable network & server health checks
Create regular status reports
Use Runbooks to call other Runbooks
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