AI Machine Learning

Enhance cybersecurity and build a smarter system, deploying machine learning models across your entire infrastructure.
Strengthen Cybersecurity with Intelligent Anomaly Detection
Many security platforms are limited, detecting only external threats and leaving your system vulnerable. Geminare’s Cybersecurity ML solution helps increase the effectiveness and protection of your system, expanding detection to internal threats and proactively monitoring and alerting to anomalies.

Deployable to cloud or fully on-premises
Two product tiers to best suit server needs
Universal dashboard delivers easy-to-use analytical and investigative tools
Ready-to-use ML anomaly detection for Windows and Linux servers
Automatically capture predicted attacks as well as network anomalies
Compatible with commonly-used Windows and Linux server distros
Use AI to Improve IT Operations, Without Needing Advanced Resources
Geminare’s comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution gives businesses the tools needed to realize the full potential of AI.

Seamlessly and securely evaluate your data using multiple pre-trained machine learning (ML) models, identifying trends, patterns and helping you make informed predictions.

  • Build an automated and agile cybersecurity system for internal and external threats
  • AI-driven data analytics visualization for increased efficiency and data clarity
  • Deeper insights into linked data post-analysis through integrated ML models
Choose from hundreds of pre-trained & custom AI
Geminare offers an extensive library of pre-trained AI models from major MLaaS (ML as a service) providers. Custom models can also be developed, trained, deployed and orchestrated through

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