Features & Capabilities

Enhance your IT operations using practical and easy-to-deploy artificial intelligence.
Seamlessly, securely & easily evaluate data & keep it safe using powerful pre-trained AI
When you don’t have the in-house AI resources, it can be difficult to deploy machine learning in ways that create meaningful outcomes for your business.

Geminare’s mezzanine.ai takes the guesswork out of artificial intelligence, offering ML models as packaged solutions that businesses of all sizes can use to improve IT processes.

One Powerful Platform to Automate & Orchestrate Everything
Mezzanine.ai puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, establishing secure synchronizations between all your business applications and data, whether hosted or on-premises.

Pick, choose and easily deploy machine learning models from a library of hundreds of pre-trained AI from industry leaders like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or IBM, as well as an increasing number of custom-built models.

An All-In-One Tool for More Accurate, More Efficient, More Secure Data
Deploy ML models across all applications, whether on-premises or cloud-based
Protect your data with intelligent cybersecurity
Identify trends, unusual patterns and make informed predictions
Easily deploy advanced technology, like image recognition and enhanced archiving
Build a deeper understanding of your data
Eliminate errors and oversights associated with manual data analysis
Intelligent Cybersecurity
While most security software focuses on detection from external threats, Geminare’s Cybersecurity ML models can also capture potential internal threats, such as by “authorized” users conducting unauthorized, or anomalous, activities.
Overnight, we've gone from a usable database of tens of thousands of searchable items to millions, and from a cataloguing time of weeks to just minutes. Our experience with mezzanine.ai capabilities has been invaluable.”
Ready to know more?
We know you’ll understand the value of our machine learning capabilities once you see the solution for yourself.
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Features & Capabilities