Cloud Management Platform
IT Resiliency, Monitoring, and AI Analytics — All Under One Roof
To grow your business, you need better control of your infrastructure.
The “Manager of ITRO Managers”, Geminare’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) gives you everything you need to orchestrate and automate enterprise-level IT operations on one convenient dashboard.

Integrate any hybrid mix of cloud and on-premises technologies to get a clearer view of your entire IT environment. The CMP combines enhanced resiliency, reporting and artificial intelligence capabilities for better business continuity, data analysis and scalable growth.

Create Your Own
Custom ITRO System
Bring it all together — automate and control everything you need for true IT resilience across any complex heterogeneous environment. The multi-tiered CMP gives you all the tools you need for full resiliency management, audit-ready reporting and intelligent automation.
Resiliency Management
Bridge the gap between simple server orchestration and true automated application resilience. The Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) gives you the tools to manage your entire disaster recovery program for unparalleled business continuity.
  • Simplify complex recovery workflows
  • Real-time server replication, failover & failback
  • Integrate any legacy or cloud technologies
  • Reduce human error with 500+ DR operations templates
Service Management
How do you know what’s happening in your network when all the pieces are disconnected? Geminare’s Service Management Platform (SMP) brings all your data together, making it easy to monitor and report on all aspects of your environment.

Better visibility means you can get ahead of issues before they become a problem, cut your costs and stay compliant.

  • Offer 24/7 network and data center availability
  • Virtual NOC for real-time view of server network
  • Live monitoring and system health reporting
  • Control virtual machines across any environment
Harness the power of intelligent machine learning without the need for specialized in-house programming. Mezzanine makes it simple to use pre-built and custom AI models to help make deployments more efficient and enhance your cybersecurity.

Gain access to a large library of easy-to-deploy AI models from industry-leader Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

  • Advanced detection of internal and external threats
  • Do more with your data, and do it in minutes
  • Avoid human error with hyper-efficient ML analysis
Everything You Need in One Powerful Tool

Five-Tiered Management Access Levels

Scalable to an Unlimited Number of Endpoints

Infrastructure-Agnostic Hosting Options

Orchestrate & Automate Virtually Any Technology

Advanced Change Control and Drift Management

Customizable & Can Be White-Labeled

See How the Cloud Management Platform Can Help Your Business
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