Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) Overview

The RMP is one of the most mature IT Resilience Orchestration and Automation (ITRO) Platforms focused on enabling Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) specifically created for the Service Provider market.

Through a multi-vendor and technology-neutral approach the RMP allows the broadest range of technologies to be simultaneously leveraged at enterprise sites, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud deployments, and through Service Providers. This uniquely innovative and patented approach creates the ideal platform for Service Providers and enterprise organizations to successfully engage in Hybrid Cloud deployments for their IT resiliency needs. The RMP creates feature-rich process automation and sophisticated orchestration capabilities that can be leveraged through over 500+ prebuilt templates, self-service interfaces, and direct Cloud Management Platform (CMP) integrations.

The Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) is considered one of the most feature-rich IT Resilience Orchestration and Automation Platforms uniquely focused on the needs of the Service Provider market. The RMP enables global Service Providers to successfully incorporate sophisticated Role Based Access Controls within Mode 1 and Mode 2 DR deployments while creating advanced process automation and orchestration across virtually any hybrid deployed technology and represents the industry’s most mature, multi-patented, multi-tiered, and award-winning IT Resilience Orchestration and Automation Platform.