Time required to prepare your backup server … none.

Leverage your existing online backup data protection service with cost-effective rapid recovery of your production systems to a secure cloud environment.



Reliable backup technologies are critical to each and every business. However, during an outage, business grinds to a halt regardless of how the data is protected or when the last backup occurred. The tasks involved in recovering a Windows or Linux system following an outage are usually resource-intensive and complex, and the time required to rebuild a server before any data can even be restored is often measured in days. This typically leaves users scrambling to find alternate recovery methods and communication capabilities.

Virtual Server Rapid Recovery (VSRR) links your production server, protected by your current online backup service, to a standby restore-ready server in a secure Cloud, giving you the ability to quickly restore data and applications following a server outage and to fully leverage your existing online backup implementation with no additional capital expenditure.

VSRR’s Automated Recovery Wizard dramatically reduces the time and effort required to get users back in touch with their data and applications, greatly reducing business risk while increasing operational effectiveness.

How It Works

VSRR deploys a standby restore-ready server in a secure Cloud that is in constant communication with the production server via an encrypted VPN tunnel. The Cloud-based standby server keeps current with the most recent production system state information and provides the customer with a pre-configured, restore-ready standby server.

When a complete server recovery is needed, using a pre-configured restore-ready server instead of building a new production server, ensures significantly better Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and dramatically reduces the time, effort and costs required to complete a full server restoration. An Automated Recovery Wizard guides the user through the complete Recovery and Restore process.

Users also have the option of scheduling complete backup restores to the standby environment in advance, further reducing RTOs, as only incremental changes need to be updated in a Restore process.


  • Instant availability of a standby restore-ready server for data recovery
  • Advanced always-on network monitoring & alerting system
  • Automated Recovery Wizard that guides you through the recovery process, step by step
  • Integration with standard online backup services ensuring backup processes continue on the standby server
  • On-demand remote-access capabilities in the event of a site outage


  • Extend existing online backup technology investment
  • RTOs of hours vs. days
  • Dramatic cost savings and ROI over traditional deployment of on-premises standby server equipment
  • Peace of mind that data recovery will be there when you need it, greatly reducing business risk