Geminare is a market leader in delivering Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions worldwide.

Our DRaaS Portfolio, built on the Geminare Resiliency Management Platform, includes the following Cloud-enabled solutions:

All of our product offerings are built around one key focus:

… to deliver Continuity and Recovery services that keep your business running uninterrupted during a system failure, with no capital investment – ensuring continued access to not only applications but also current and archived data.

Organizations are well aware of the impact that downtime can have on their business, yet they still focus on antiquated and incomplete solutions when protecting mission-critical environments. Tapes, imaging and onsite appliances serve a need within the BC/DR solutions market, but for most customers, any outage resulting even in a single user’s data being inaccessible, is an unacceptable level of downtime. This chart helps to illustrate the typical downtime associated with different solutions in the market today.

Geminare DRaaS product line-up focuses on delivering innovative, leading edge failover and failback server replication and cloud storage solutions that put you at the top of the chart.