Server Replication – How It Works

Geminare’s Cloud Recovery protects your business by fully replicating your critical servers to a secure hosted cloud environment. All operating systems, supported applications and end-user data are made available in a secure and 24/7 accessible cloud-hosted environment. Your servers and data are kept current through real-time bandwidth-efficient continuous replication.


In the event of a complete production site loss, your employees can continue to access their applications securely through the Internet from any remote location.


In the case of a server failure, downtime or a complete customer site loss, the Cloud Recovery service automatically redirects data and users to the cloud-hosted Replica Servers, which operate in Failover Mode for the duration of the downtime event. Customers can securely access the cloud-hosted Replica Servers from any remote location via the Internet, or continue to access it locally should their site continue to be available.


After a planned or unplanned outage, failing a server back from the Cloud Recovery environment to your restored production servers, a process called Failback, is fast and transparent to your end users, who continue working without any interruption even if they are working remotely or onsite. The Failback process synchronizes the changed data, while users continue to access their applications and data files, and then seamlessly redirects user traffic back to the production environment.

Business continues as usual…

With Cloud Recovery… downtime is a thing of the past.