icon_CldRec_with_gcp_logo_2Google Cloud Platform provides robust, scalable and secure infrastructure that enables DRaaS for your business with real-time replication, failover, failback and long-term archiving.


Evolve Your DR
It’s not just about DR, it’s about managing your entire infrastructure. Scalability, Security and Serving (access to data) are front and center with the ability to pre-seed data from online and offline ingestion sources.

SLAs, Health Checks, Sandbox Management
SLA thresholds for individual devices or entire environments allow you to know about application-level, VM-level, or connectivity issues before they become a problem. Health Checks and Sandbox tests give you hands on visibility.

Failover and Failback Continuity
Failover for maintenance, site outage or testing. Return to the production environment by failing back just as easily and seamlessly with no interruption to users and no bare-metal recovery.

CldRec on GCP architecture

Data Protection integrated with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform’s public dedication to compliance and certification is a key requirement for industry needs.
Google Cloud Platform’s robust API’s enable multi-step operational task orchestration.
Scale resources and networking seamlessly to more closely match existing environments.
Google Cloud Platform-Grade security is yours enabled via full stack ownership, a commitment to people, certification and physical resources, that keep you and your data safe.

 Customers and Partners leveraging DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform

Cosentry's story »
“The sheer cost savings, matched with unparalleled enterprise capabilities were just the initial benefits that we saw when migrating our customers to DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform. More on their way…”

Cosentry – Geminare DRaaS and Google Cloud Platform Service Partner

Total Title Solutions' story »
“DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform for our mission-critical applications was deployed and running within a few days, upgrading a much needed DR infrastructure. The benefits for Cloud based DR deployment are stellar!”

Total Title Solutions – Geminare DRaaS and Google Cloud Platform Customer