Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform

GCP_logo_lockup_cloud_platform_icon_verticalGoogle Cloud Platform delivers on the promise of a robust, scalable, and secure platform, ideally positioned to support Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions. Geminare brings DRaaS solutions to Google Cloud Platform and the public Cloud.

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DR is not as simple as imaging a system, storing it in the Cloud and then hoping it will work when you need it.

Organizations that have managed their own DR needs for years have understood that the delivery and management of a successful DR program requires unique tools, management capabilities, and technology integrations that enable their teams and management to be directly involved with its delivery.

Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform provides the ability to leverage Google Storage and Compute Cloud as a secondary site to host a customer’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) requirements. More than just “cold” offsite data storage, Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform offers the ability to run your complete server and network infrastructure from within multiple regional Google Cloud Platform locations, without the need to build and support extensive IaaS offerings.

The Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform suite consists of Cloud Recovery integrated with Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Archive integrated with Google Cloud Platform, leveraging Google Cloud Storage Nearline. These services deliver key technical requirements to address each organization’s DR needs, including:

  • High Reliability: GCS delivers 99.9% availability with geo-redundant data-replication systems.
  • Nearly Unlimited Scalability: Pay for what you use with almost unlimited storage available.
  • Fast, Cost Effective Access: Leverage Google Cloud Platform’s global network, providing near-instantaneous access to data.
  • Enhanced Security across Locations: Leverage the same security technologies that protect Google Cloud Platform and the billions of daily transactions, with access to secured storage and hosting in multiple, geo-dispersed regions like the United States, Europe, and Asia.