Geminare’s Resiliency Management Platform

Geminare’s Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) extends DRaaS management across not just multiple clouds, but across multiple DRaaS technologies, including an entire DRaaS portfolio.

Service Providers and their customers can manage their entire DR environment from one platform. With the RMP, monitoring and reporting is all done at the server level so that you get all the same level of service across all technologies and platforms.

Remote Management & Monitoring

Remote Management and Monitoring

Cross-Platform Health Monitoring

Cross-Platform Health Monitoring

Cross-Platform Defined SLA Management

Cross-Platform Defined SLA Management

Data Sovereignty and Location Validation

Data Sovereignty and Location Validation


Vender neutral multi-tenancy for all data movers

Allow any customer data protection engine to be utilized

Role based access control to all technology deployed

Provide multi-tenant control of legacy and hybrid deployed technology

Encryption key management for Public Cloud

Secure loading and unloading of p12 and authentication keys from a single point

Sophisticated Workflow Automation and Orchestration with over 500+ templates

Adjust almost any infrastructure, service, or application accurately and on-demand

Business application health for hybrid deployed systems

Understand the performance of enterprise applications running in the cloud

Intelligent SLA creation, deployment, and monitoring

Visibility and flexibility for monitoring everything within a customer deployment

Threat analysis and detection

Immediate understanding of unexpected environment changes

Compliance and policy management

Control access rights, deploy standardized policies, and ensure strict change management

Multi-tenant, self service interface

Ensure all users, service providers, and support teams can access appropriate technologies