De-risking your DR

GUEST BLOG by Shea Long, Senior Vice President, Products | TierPoint Managing DR through a Software-Defined DRaaS Program Common sense would lead us to believe that implementing a Disaster Recovery program should reduce the risk within your environment. For the past 20+ years, as traditional DR technologies and techniques were deployed within customer environments this “de-risking” was true. The big brand vendors would apply well know processes to evaluate a… Read more »

DRaaS becomes mainstream and looks to OpenStack and hybrid deployments for growth

By Joshua Geist, CEO Geminare Earlier this year Gartner released the very first Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Magic Quadrant, signaling both the importance of DRaaS and the increased demand from the enterprise and mid-market customers. While the publication of the inaugural Gartner DRaaS Magic Quadrant indicated the next phase of maturity of DRaaS, it also recognized and identified two critical realizations: 1. “By 2018, the number of organizations… Read more »

Nobody Ever Got Fired For Buying … Based on Gartner Magic Quadrants

By Joshua Geist, CEO Geminare For many years, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” was a well recognized truism in the technology industry. Times change, and while IBM remains a respected company, they are far from being the only game in town when it comes to vendor selection, in large part because of the emergence of the Cloud as the preferred shopping center for any and all technology. Today,… Read more »

We welcome Google and the next evolutionary step in DRaaS

By Joshua Geist, CEO Geminare This is not about a simple collaboration announcement. Today we welcome Google and usher in the next evolutionary step in DRaaS. Less than a year ago I penned a blog entitled, “RaaS, say hello to the Public Cloud,” wherein I predicted that based on two emerging trends (1. plummeting Cloud prices and 2. increasing business acceptance of the public Cloud as viable), RaaS solutions would… Read more »

Microsoft Acquisition Signals Dawn of a New Era for RaaS

By Joshua Geist, CEO Geminare Microsoft recently announced its acquisition of InMage, a San Jose-based business continuity vendor whose technology is used by numerous partners, including SunGard and Hitachi, as a component of their disaster recovery service offerings. Read the Microsoft announcement here. The core offering from InMage is their system that helps businesses rapidly recover data to local systems or fail over to remote sites. Microsoft’s plan is to… Read more »