Service Providers


Cosentry’s decision to leverage Google Cloud Platform for its DRaaS offering addressed all of their challenges, and offered benefits such as competitive pricing, infrastructure flexibility, and ease of use.

“By leveraging the Geminare DRaaS suite of offerings integrated with Google Cloud Platform, we were able to expand our solution suite practically overnight.”

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Impressed with the security and ease-of-use of the NTTA offering, the Agency ultimately found everything they were looking for—and more—in NTTA’s Cloud Recovery, and employed NTTA to address the continuous uptime requirements for one of their mission-critical services.

“The solution not only met but exceeded all of the organization’s stringent requirements.”

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Law firm Lang Michener avoids crippling downtime costs with Bell Server Replication Service.

“An estimated ROI of approximately $500k.”

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With strict regulation compliance and continuous uptime requirements, Canadian financial services firm, Sprott, was able to “set it and forget it” with Geminare’s Cloud Recovery Disaster Recovery solution after months of searching.

“Finally, enterprise-grade business continuity at an affordable price.”

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Cooper River’s eWarehouse® financing application suite needed an effective, scalable and secure IT infrastructure.’s Cloud BC/DR services offered exactly that – SAS 70 certification, Disaster Recovery, and on-demand infrastructure.

“If a catastrophe occurred, we could come up in a hotel room and keep development on track.”

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mortgage cadence

Moving to the Cloud meant unlimited scalability to meet increased customer demand, adherence to industry compliance, and business continuity assurance.

“Mortgage Cadence has met 100% of its aggressive SLAs for its entire client base.”

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Looking for guaranteed business continuity within an affordable subscription-based model, Tao Admin turned to Geminare, a leading provider in the Cloud Recovery as a Service space, to ensure continuous availability of their email Exchange and office File servers.

“With automatic and immediate failover to the cloud, Tao Admin was not impacted in any way due to the citywide blackout, nor were our clients.”

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Business Management Services


Cilio achieves SaaS high availability with DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform.

“We’re thrilled with the service and the confidence it gives our customers.”

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Real Estate

total title

Total Title Solutions achieves Financial Industry compliance with seamless DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform.

“Geminare DRaaS was deployed onto Google Cloud Platform and running within a few days, instantly protecting mission-critical applications.”

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HR & Recruitment

synergie hunt

Canadian recruitment and employment agency with offices and franchises in major cities across Canada.

“Existing, on-site tape was not enough. If a major event occurs, branch and home offices need to have continuous access.”

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Product Development


With their old tape-backup technology failing to keep pace with the sheer volume of data, the growing need for continuous customer communication availability and the ever-present threat of an outage, Xenos needed a better solution.

“With Geminare, a BlackBerry outage today means that instead of needing 4-5 days to recover, users can continue to work as though nothing has happened.”

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