Geminare is the #1 Gartner Ranked Global Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Product Offering

Geminare enables leading telecom companies, ISVs and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to launch successful global RaaS offerings. Geminare’s award-winning, patented Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) is considered one of the most feature-rich IT Resilience Orchestration and Automation Platforms uniquely focused on the needs of the Service Provider market. The RMP enables global Service Providers to successfully incorporate sophisticated Role Based Access Controls within Mode 1 and Mode 2 DR deployments while creating advanced process automation and orchestration across virtually any hybrid deployed technology. In-market with the #1 ranking for DRaaS solution capabilities, the RMP’s functionality received the Highest Product Rating Score in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Recovery as a Service Report and represents the industry’s most mature, multi-patented, multi-tiered, and award-winning IT Resilience Orchestration and Automation Platform. The RMP powers DRaaS Magic Quadrant Leaders and many of the world’s leading Service Providers including NTT Communications, Cable & Wireless, Liberty Global, Google Cloud Platform, HPE, TierPoint LLC, Iron Mountain, and many others. Geminare is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with additional operations in Toronto, Canada.

The Recovery as a Service Evolution

Cloud technology is fundamentally changing the way Disaster Recovery (“DR”) and Business Continuity (“BC”) services are offered, delivered and supported in the global marketplace, and causing traditional back-up solutions—historically delivered by a small set of entrenched service providers—to be rapidly phased out.

The new RaaS market is replacing these legacy solutions, and is forecasted by MarketsandMarkets to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 55.2% over the next five years, rising from a total value of $640 million in 2013 to $5.8 billion by the end of 2018.

This rapid growth is driven primarily by the replacement of legacy services and by the transformation of the BC/DR industry by advanced Cloud technology, allowing virtually any CSP to match or exceed the service capabilities offered by the traditional BC/DR vendors, while at the same time undercutting them on price due to cost-efficient attributes of RaaS service options.

100% Channel-Focused Commitment

From inception, Geminare has been structured to leverage a global channel ecosystem to provide a critical role in the value-added services that accompany the Cloud. This strategy has been a cornerstone in the development of one of the most robust RaaS ecosystems in the market and has catapulted Geminare to the rank of #1 leading enabler for RaaS Services.

As the Cloud market continues to mature and vendors, providers and integrators compete for market share within the ecosystem, many firms are looking to leverage their own capabilities and strengths as core differentiators and are turning to Geminare, the next evolution in RaaS technology and delivery models.

Cloud Enabling Solutions: The Next Evolution

Geminare’s CORE Platform allows you to enable a new Cloud delivery model for traditional Data Protection solutions by deploying enterprise services to the Cloud.

Cloud OnRamp Enablement | The CORE Platform is a patented, proven, mature, multi-tiered service delivery vehicle that is the foundation of Geminare’s entire RaaS data protection suite. The CORE Platform is a cloud-hosted software platform that can rapidly transition Enterprise software from on-premises solutions to Cloud-enabled services. Through Cloud CORE, companies can quickly and easily open up new markets while managing and monitoring their entire distribution, reseller and end-customer network through a single, web-based point of entry.

In August 2013 at the SUITS Patent Conference, Geminare’s Cloud CORE Platform was recognized as one of the Top Ten Telecommunications Patents ever issued and the world’s very first RaaS Delivery Platform based on its receipt of US Patent #8,135,838 on March 13th, 2012 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

#1 Industry-Ranked Recovery as a Service Product Portfolio

Geminare’s Cloud-based server replication keeps your business running uninterrupted during a system failure without additional capital investment.

The Geminare RaaS Platform has created the most disruptive RaaS capability since the Data Protection industry was developed. This offering has singlehandedly unseated leading providers who have for 30+ years dominated the BC/DR marketplace and for the first time allows all types and sizes of customers to protect their data easily and cost effectively through their Cloud Service Provider of choice.

With Geminare’s Recovery as a Service there is no software or hardware to purchase, meaning no capital investment is required. You are able to leverage your Cloud Service Provider’s flexible IaaS platforms and services, and enjoy the benefits of enterprise-level continuous application availability.

The RaaS Portfolio is made up of several products including:

Cloud Recovery is a Server Replication offering that allows your organization to conduct business as usual during a critical server failure through automated application failover and redirection of your users to a real-time, replicated server environment in the Cloud. Failover is seamless and rapid, with users and applications up and running quickly, ensuring continued service for your customers.

Virtual Server Rapid Recovery leverages your existing online backup data protection service by adding cost-effective rapid recovery of your production systems to a secure cloud environment. A restore-ready standby server in the cloud is ready for backups at any time and eliminates the time and effort associated with preparing a new backup environment after an outage.

Geminare History

Geminare was incorporated in 2006 with the goal of providing professional services and infrastructure solutions to organizations looking for disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. As technology and customer needs continued to evolve through 2008, it became apparent that data, while important, was not the key driver for business growth; instead it was reliable access to the mission-critical applications that facilitate business.

Geminare surveyed the vendor landscape and realized that while there were numerous data backup solutions on the market, there were no affordable solutions that delivered continuous application availability to the mid and enterprise market.

In 2008 Geminare launched the industry’s first enterprise-class solution designed for customers needing to protect servers, and scalable from the SMB through to the mid- and enterprise-level markets. Geminare’s unique RaaS solution delivered all the same benefits of the more expensive enterprise-class solutions but at a fraction of the cost and without added complexity. This capability and flexibility became a perfect fit for Cloud Service Providers as the market developed throughout the last several years.

Geminare Milestones

Selective snapshot of milestone events for Geminare and the RaaS industry:

2008 Geminare’s Cloud Recovery launches with CA Technologies as “Instant Recovery on Demand”

2009 Cloud Recovery launches with Bell Canada as “Server Replication”, and Ingram Micro as “Seismic Instant Recovery on Demand”

2009 Tier1 Research identifies and highlights Geminare as a leader in the Cloud DR market

2010 Geminare’s Cloud Recovery offering wins THINKstrategies’ Cloud Computing Business Value Award, 2010

2010 Geminare’s Cloud DR Suite is lauded by industry analysts including: IDC, Storage Strategies NOW and THINKstrategies

2010 Geminare signs OEM and resale agreement with Qwest Communications, the 3rd largest US-based Telco, to launch “Real-Time Application Recovery”

2010 Gartner announces DR in the Cloud as a viable form of DR and BR at the IT Infrastructure, Operations & Management Summit

2011 Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) reports that Geminare is “Changing the economics of the BC/DR market”

2011 Geminare signs OEM agreement with MTS Allstream to launch “Cloud Replication”, marking Geminare’s 3rd major Telco to be brought into the Cloud DR market

2011 Gartner officially begins to cover the “Recovery as a Service” or RaaS space at the Gartner Data Center Conference including vendor reviews and options as well as market sizing

2011 Evaluator Group Report identifies Geminare as a “Rapid Enabler of Higher-Value Cloud Solutions”

2011 Geminare changes the landscape of the global DR market by partnering with Iron Mountain, the world’s largest data protection organization, to launch Rapid Recovery and Business Continuity for LiveVault®

2011 Gartner reports that by 2014, 30% of midsize enterprises will have adopted RaaS for supporting IT operations recovery

2011 IDC Vendor Profile Report concludes, “Geminare leads in continuity in the cloud”

2012 Forrester research report on Cloud-based DR Services lists top 18 market players, where ~25% of the Cloud MSPs listed and~50% of the Telecom Providers listed are reselling Geminare RaaS solutions in the market today

2012 Microsoft selects Geminare to deliver its award-winning RaaS Solution Suite through the Windows Azure cloud

2012 Geminare announces on March 13th, 2012 that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued it US Patent #8,135,838 representing the World’s first RaaS Platform

2012 NTT Communications the largest Telecommunications company in the world operating in over 180 countries partners with Geminare to launch a Recovery as a Service practice on their Cloud platform

2012 Gartner highlights Geminare and the NTT Communications RaaS Suite at the Gartner Data Center Conference

2013 Geminare’s CEO, Joshua Geist receives the prestigious Industry Channel Chief Award for 2013

2013 Columbus Networks, a provider of premium telecom services to 42 countries in the greater Caribbean, Andean and Central American regions, partners with Geminare to bring its customers RaaS

2013 MarketsandMarkets releases a comprehensive 72-page report on the RaaS market sighting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 55.2% over the next five years, rising to $5.8 billion by the end of 2018

2013 Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) releases a report “Cloud Recovery? Build, Buy or Geminare”

2013 At the TMC SUITS Conference, Geminare’s RaaS patent is highlighted as one of the Top Ten Most Important Patents issued in the telecommunications industry

2013 TechNavio a leading market analyst forecasts the Global Recovery as a Service market to grow at a CAGR of 54.64% with Geminare identified as a vendor poised to dominate the market

2013 At the November Data Center Conference, Gartner announces results of a comprehensive RaaS Critical Capabilities Assessment (CCA) which places NTT Communications and the Geminare enabling technology platform as the #1 RaaS product offering worldwide. This ranking officially unseats incumbent providers who have held the leading spot for 30+ years. NTT Communications receives top scores in 6 out of the 7 master categories analyzed.

2014 Geminare’s CEO, Joshua Geist receives the prestigious Industry Channel Chief Award for 2014

2014 Geminare Enables Recovery as a Service Solutions for HP Partners offering Cloud Recovery as part of the HP CloudSystem Ready Program

2014 Geminare Named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc. in its Cool Vendors in Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Management, 2014 report – an annual report based solely on nominations by Gartner analysts

2014 Geminare Wins 2014 Most Innovative Solution Award from CIR Business Continuity

2014 Geminare Named HP 2014 AllianceOne Partner of the Year for Converged Cloud

2014 Gartner DC Conference headline topic and keynote speech focused on RaaS, titled, “First thing to do on Monday is address RaaS.”

2015 Google collaboration with Geminare is announced to deliver Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform on their Nearline Cloud Storage. Through this collaboration, Geminare’s Cloud Recovery, as well as a new offering, Cloud Archive.

2015 Cosentry, the leading provider of IT solutions in the Midwest, announced a further strategic partnership with Geminare, to deliver Cloud Recovery and Cloud Archive directly integrated with Google Cloud Platform.

2015 Gartner publishes Gartner First Take report: “With Nearline, Google Becomes a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Provider,” referring to the 11 March 2015 public announcement by Google regarding Google Cloud Storage (GCS) Nearline, and naming Geminare as a prominent industry provider. The article explains that “Geminare’s DRaaS Cloud Management Platform will be the enabler for both cloud-based recovery and data archival on Google Cloud Platform.”

2015 451 Research publishes article: “Geminare integrates DRaaS suite with Google Cloud Platform,” explaining how Geminare continues to build out its partner ecosystem through its new strategic collaboration with Google, and that this relationship will enable service-provider partners to provide DRaaS directly on Google Cloud Platform with single-click deployment.

2015 ESG publishes a thought leadership piece: “Why Google Cloud Storage Nearline is Super Interesting for Data Protection,” stating that Google may have changed everyone’s “Math,” regarding the expectations of how cloud storage can be consumed as part of a data protection architecture, and naming early support from Geminare for its DRaaS.

2015 NTT Europe, the largest subsidiary of NTT Communications selects Geminare and begins the on-boarding process to resell and deploy Cloud Recovery into the NTT Enterprise Cloud.

2015 The United States Patent and Trademark Office issues Geminare its second patent: #9,002,786

2015 Gartner releases their first ever 2014 RaaS Magic Quadrant. The report redefines the BC/DR landscape as two of Geminare’s partners, NTT Communications and Columbus Networks, are ranked as a “LEADER” and “CHALLENGER” respectively, next to 30+ year industry leaders IBM and SunGard.

2015 Geminare and its integration with Google Cloud Platform shortlisted in 3 categories in CIR Business Continuity Awards.

2015 Geminare leads Cable & Wireless DRaaS Summit talks in Honduras, Guatemala, Trinidad, Barbados, Panama, andJamaica. Media coverage from these events include articles from: Nationnews Barbados, Barbados Business Authority, Barbados Advocate Business Monday, The Gleaner Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.

2015 Geminare and its integration with Google Cloud Platform shortlisted in 2 categories in CIR Risk Management Awards.

2015 Geminare and VMware Collaborate to bring DRaaS Solutions to VMware’s vCloud Air. Geminare’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions integrated with and now directly available to VMware vCloud® Air™ customers.

2015 Geminare announces membership in the vCloud Air ISV Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. Geminare’s Cloud Archive is available through the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX), indicating that Cloud Archive has undergone technical validation within the vCloud Air environment.

2015 CIO Review DR Special highlights Geminare partner, Cable & Wireless, DR Services. Cable & Wireless Business Solutions CEO, John Maduri, discusses superior data recovery through DRaaS technology with CIO Review.

2015 Geminare and Google Cloud Platform Winner of TMC’s 2015 Cloud Computing Backup and DR Award.

2015 NTT Europe launched its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution across Europe, in partnership with Geminare. This managed cloud service helps organizations adapt and evolve their disaster recovery programs to a secure NTT Com Enterprise Cloud platform.

2015 Geminare Launches Global Availability of DRaaS Fully Certified with HP Helion OpenStack®.

2015 Gartner’s 2015 Critical Capabilities for Disaster Recovery as a Service awards Geminare’s DRaaS technology the number one spot across every single use case evaluated. And for the first time in the DR industry had a service provider other than SunGard or IBM lead all evaluated categories.

2016 Geminare’s CEO, Joshua Geist receives the prestigious Industry Channel Chief Award for 2016, marketing the third year achieving this designation.

2016 Gartner releases their 2nd Disaster Recovery as a Service Magic Quadrant Report, indicating DRaaS is now considered mainstream. Geminare’s partners are once again significant participants in the report and represent a second MQ Leader, Challenger and Visionary as NTT Communications, Cable & Wireless, TierPoint and Vmware score strongly.

2016 Geminare’s Resiliency Management Platform named finalist in 2016 SVC Awards for Storage Management Product of the Year and PaaS Solution of the Year.

2016 TierPoint and Geminare Expand Partnership to Deliver Best in Class DRaaS. Leveraging Geminare’s RMP Platform capabilities, TierPoint expands access to Hybrid DRaaS solutions across its national footprint.

2016 Geminare’s Resiliency Management Platform Announced as Finalist in 2016 CIR International Business Continuity Awards.

2016 Geminare Secures Key Innovator Position in DRaaS Markets&Markets Research Report. “Highlighting Geminare’s vast experience and deep market understanding, the Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) easily represents the industry’s most innovative, multi-tiered platform designed specifically to address the complexities identified by Service Providers when delivering and supporting DRaaS solutions,” reports MarketsandMarkets.

2016 Forrester announces DRaaS WAVE Report, highlighting strengths of multiple leading Geminare partners including TierPoint and NTT Communications.

2016 Gartner announces official market coverage of the IT Resilience Orchestration and Automation (ITRO) market with a Market Guide highlight Geminare as a key vendor among a short list of 6 independent companies addressing the market through its Resiliency Management Platform.

2016 Forrester releases Vendor Landscape: Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service Providers, Q4 2016 report highlighting a major cohort of Geminare’s leading DRaaS partners including: HP Enterprise, NTT Communications, Cable & Wireless, TierPoint, VMware vCloud, CenturyLink.


Geminare’s Recovery as a Service Offerings are available
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