Geminare Announces the Launch of, Connecting Enterprise Data to Industry Leading Pre-Trained Machine Learning Models brings together single point integration of readily available pre-trained machine learning models from AI industry leaders including Google Cloud, IBM Watson, AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Palo Alto, CA, April 8th, 2019 – Geminare, a leader in delivering data curation, resiliency and IT orchestration solutions, announced today the availability of as a standalone platform. facilitates impactful, curated business outcomes through the use of readily available pre-trained machine learning models from key industry AI leaders including Google Cloud, IBM Watson, AWS and Microsoft Azure. is a new approach for businesses looking to engage with machine learning. It empowers your data to be seamlessly and securely evaluated through multiple pre-trained machine learning models through a sophisticated, wizard driven, orchestration and automation platform. delivers on the promise of bringing AI and machine learning capabilities directly to businesses, with absolutely no need for in-house AI or machine learning knowledge, specialized technology or data scientists. By leveraging a multiplicity of machine learning models simultaneously, the detail and volume of data insights increases exponentially. Through its comprehensive application integration library,’s underlying patented platform establishes secure synchronizations between business applications and data, whether hosted or on-premises, allowing companies to instantly leverage the power of machine learning.

Joshua Geist, Geminare’s CEO, commented, “Machine learning is a transformational force for businesses, but like so many other technologies before it, access is limited to those with significant budgets and expert knowhow. changes that by enabling businesses to access whichever models are best suited for their needs from the platforms of their choice, whether it’s just a single pre-trained model or all of them at the same time. With, businesses can test and evaluate the results of their data as it’s run through pre-trained ML models, almost instantaneously. Results with customers such as MovieComm have been outstanding and exactly what we had hoped for when launching – immediate access to machine learning – quickly and easily.”

Customer Case Study: powers MovieComm’s exponential growth in data capture and analytics within the media and entertainment industry.

Movie still provided by MovieComm (

MovieComm helps thought leaders inspire and engage others by using Hollywood movie clips to make communications come alive. Customers work with MovieComm to obtain clips with specific references or themes for projects ranging from embedding high-value content into multiple communications platforms including: internal communications platforms, presentations, email and text messages. With a published goal of over 1,000,000 documented clips to provide to the market, leveraging the power of AI and machine learning was a clear necessity and represented a potentially big win for MovieComm. However, the required machine learning models were dispersed across different vendor platforms including Amazon Rekognition, Google Video Intelligence and Microsoft Media Services, creating a barrier to entry for MovieComm – one that was able to resolve with ease.

Through, multiple machine learning models were used in parallel to extract data from movie clips. Insights gleaned include Sentiment, Unsafe Content, Objects, and Celebrity Recognition – items that customers use in their searches for the ideal clip, as well as audio transcripts allowing for translation and specific search terms. Machine learning models were orchestrated to be leveraged in sequence in order to gain the most insight from the tools available. Extracted data was then automatically populated back into the MovieComm platform.

“All machine learning models are not created equal,” Scott DiGiammarino, CEO of MovieComm stated. “Using and its machine learning orchestration opened up new insight into our data and has been a game-changer for us. MovieComm is now able to deliver a vastly superior end-user experience, and fully leverage the value of our films’ assets. Overnight, we’ve gone from a usable database of tens of thousands of searchable items to millions, and from a cataloging time of weeks to just minutes. Our experience with capabilities has been invaluable.”

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Geminare will be available to discuss at Google Cloud Next 2019 Conference in San Francisco, April 9-11th 2019 as well Amazon’s re:MARS AI Conference in Las Vegas, June 4th-7th 2019. For further information on please contact and

About Geminare was developed as a stand-alone solution through the utilization of Geminare’s award winning and multi-patented orchestration and automation platform. As a leader in delivering data curation, resiliency and IT orchestration solutions, Geminare has helped advance global service providers with market leading orchestrated Cloud solutions, an example of which is the award-winning Resiliency Management Platform (RMP). The RMP powers Magic Quadrant Leaders among many of the world’s leading Service Providers including NTT Communications, Cable & Wireless, Liberty Global, Recovery Point Systems, TierPoint LLC, Iron Mountain, and many others. With, Geminare is leveraging its capabilities to power the next generation of machine learning solutions for business. Geminare is headquartered in Silicon Valley. and

About MovieComm
MovieComm ( is one of the first and only companies in the history of Hollywood to legally license some of the major movie studios clip libraries for communications, training and engagement purposes.

Our SaaS based platform gives clients a simple and easy to use tool where they can have legal access to some of the greatest movie moments, from some of the greatest movies, of all time.

Presently, there are over 7,000 carefully curated clips which range from one second upwards of three minutes. The clips are ad free, customizable and easy to search. And the clip library will integrate with everything including: internal communications platforms, LMS systems, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, e-learning platforms as well as email and text messages.

MovieComm’s mission is to bring your messages to life in a short, entertaining and memorable manner.

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