ESG Brief: “Cloud Recovery? Build, Buy or Geminare”


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ESG Product Brief
Cloud Recovery? Build, Buy or Geminare

By Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst
Enterprise Strategy Group
March 2013

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You may not have heard of the company Geminare, but it powers many of the world’s cloud-based data recovery services. It’s patented Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) technology allows data protection software vendors and service providers to build branded cloud-based data protection services in a fraction of the time and cost it would take using internally developed services.

The Bigger Truth

Data protection continues to challenge many IT environments, including not only traditional data backup and recovery, but also business continuity, disaster recovery, and archiving as a means of data preservation. And although on-premises solution vendors continue to innovate, their customers are also looking for answers from the cloud services that may be too costly or complex for traditional vendors to create from scratch.

Geminare started by taking a fresh look at the problem and building its own platform to address those data protection challenges with cloud-based service delivery—and along the way, it secured and now touts “the world’s first and only published RaaS patent.” Then, it offered its cloud-based solution models to traditional vendors who were eager to meet their customers’ cloud-based backup needs without entirely displacing their on-premises partnerships and relationships. And Geminare’s success in establishing those partnerships is impressive.

Without decoding all of the other OEMs, rebrands, and co-developed cloud solutions out there, it may be impossible to calculate for sure, but Geminare’s list of partner vendors may represent more protected data sockets than many other cloud-based data protection offerings—even if you may not have heard of Geminare by name. Whether those partnerships continue will likely be determined by (1) all parties’ relative execution of these cloud offerings, and (2) whether they have the appetite to eventually develop their own backend infrastructure or adopt future enhancements that continue to come to market via Geminare’s platform in a rapid cloud timeframe.

But for those vendors that are wrestling with the decision of whether to “build or buy” as a means to meet their customers’ needs from the cloud, Geminare is an additional choice worth considering.