Geminare CEO & President, Joshua Geist, speaking at TMC Cloud4SMB Expo 2012 in Austin, TX Oct 2-5


Joshua Geist, CEO & President of Geminare
Austin McChord, CEO, Datto Inc.
Yaser Wassef, EVP, The Harding Group

Erin Harrison, Executive Editor, Strategic Initiatives, TMC (Moderator)

Cloud-Powered BC/DR: How Will You Handle an Unexpected Disruption?

Oct 2, 2012 3:30-4:15pm
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Session Description:
Statistics show that 43 percent of companies who experience a major loss of data will never reopen and 51 percent will close within two years. The longterm survival rate is a mere 6 percent. How well prepared is your business for a major disruption and data loss event?

One way to ensure that a business can stay open after suffering a major data loss is by having a proper backup and recovery system in place. This session will address the latest cloud-based RaaS Recovery as a Service options and ways to ensure your business is able to withstand an unexpected outage that could otherwise result in significant data loss and operational outages, which, by IDC’s estimates, costs businesses upwards of $84,000 per hour or downtime.

About TMC Cloud4SMB Expo:
Cloud4SMB Expo is the first event of its kind focused on the unique needs and challenges of small and medium businesses (SMBs) seeking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing solutions.

This conference is dedicated to real-world business strategies and implications for growing businesses utilizing the cloud. Until now, the Cloud Phenomenon has focused almost exclusively on opportunities for the large enterprise. Sessions at Cloud4SMB Expo are designed specifically to provide attendees with the knowledge and information SMBs need to compete and succeed.