Geminare CEO, Joshua Geist, speaking at ComputerWorld SNW Fall 2011 in Orlando, FL Oct 10-13

Joshua Geist, CEO & Founder of Geminare

Business Continuity

Industry Perspective: Recovery as a Service: Cloud-Based Real-Time Server Replication BC/DR Models for the SME Market

Oct 10, 2011 2:50 pm
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SMEs are looking for affordable, low-maintenance Enterprise-class BC/DR solutions that also address questions like: Are we fully protected in a disaster? Can we test our BC/DR system any time? How intrusive is a failover? Is any downtime or data loss acceptable? How difficult is a failback? and, Could we failback at all using our current DR plan?

As businesses raise the bar regarding level of service, traditional BC/DR solutions (tape backup, offsite imaging) are being replaced with Recovery as a Service platforms: high-availability Cloud-based solutions offering real-time replica environments where mission-critical servers and applications are kept up-to-date and available in the Cloud, should you need them.

Learn more about how a world-class financial firm used the Cloud to continue working through a 6-hr power outage, and how a large legal firm kept their business running on the Cloud while addressing a week-long server outage due to a difficult upgrade.