Tier1 Research: “Geminare channels more partners to deliver cloud-based recovery as a service”


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Geminare channels more partners to deliver cloud-based recovery as a service
Enterprise and Mass-Market Hosting
by Agatha Poon
May 4, 2011

Geminare has been working with channel partners to reach out to small and mid-sized companies for cloud backup and disaster recovery services. Leveraging its channel partner program, Geminare products are available to customers at the global level as distributors like Ingram Micro have a network of over 185,000 resellers in approximately 150 countries. Leveraging its capability to provide failover (when the server is down) and failback (when the server is restored) in a disaster-as-a-service model, Geminare has established its reputation in the industry for business continuity and disaster recovery. Its recent announcement about the strategic partnership with Iron Mountain, the global provider of information protection and storage service, to integrate its flagship products with Iron Mountain’s LiveVault product portfolio is a validation of its market acceptance.

Served as extensions to Iron Mountain’s existing LiveVault offering, the two value-added services – Business Continuity for LiveVault and Virtual Server Rapid Recovery for LiveVault – powered by Geminare are aimed at LiveVault’s existing customer base, which has grown to 7,000+ from 2,000 since 2005, when Iron Mountain bought the remaining shares in LiveVault (the online data backup and recovery provider). The two new cloud-based services are commercially available to LiveVault customers, which can activate the services by contacting Iron Mountain representatives or LiveVault resellers.

So what is value-added?
Iron Mountain’s LiveVault Cloud Backup is a fully managed cloud service, which has already provided a number of key features such as fully automated off-site data protection, open file and database protection, and built in data de-duplication. Thus, the immediate question is what can Geminare bring to the table?

Regarding the business continuity service for LiveVault, it looks to maintain uptime by delivering real-time replication of mission-critical data and applications to a replica server in the cloud. Geminare’s cloud recovery service is fully integrated with the LiveVault online server backup offering.

For the virtual server rapid recovery value-added product, it demonstrates the failover and failback capability, which is one of Geminare’s core differentiators. The idea is to link a LiveVault server to a standby restore-ready server in the cloud to enable rapid restoration of data and applications in the event of server outage. This is significant from a server recovery standpoint and nicely complements the existing LiveVault offering, which provides rapid recovery of data by enabling automated recovery of only the data that has changed since the last backup.

The Geminare enabled value-added business continuity and cloud recovery services are currently hosted in Iron Mountain datacenters in the US and Canada with geographical redundancy. The business continuity value-added service is charged for a monthly fee on a per-server basis (pricing varies by channel partners (from $499-$899), depending on the service packages/bundles they offer. For the rapid recovery value-added service, customers will pay a nominal monthly fee ($49) and the service charges for remote run time using the on-demand model. Built-in remote monitoring and management system is included in the offerings.

T1R take
Geminare’s recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) platform is well positioned to assist existing cloud providers to move up the value chain, moving beyond simple data backup. As a niche player, Geminare has done a great job in exerting its influence in the business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) arena. The partnership with Iron Mountain to provide value-added services not only complements the existing LiveVault cloud offering, but more importantly, it demonstrates the maturity of Geminare’s RaaS product.

The cloud recovery specialist continues to expand its channel partner network to include both existing cloud providers looking to decommoditize their offerings as well as traditional ISPs, telcos and hosting providers entering the cloud market, with a growing portion of customers coming from the cloud space for value-added services. This is especially the case as competition heats up, cloud providers are racing to offer differentiated services to improve the stickiness of customers and minimize churn. We expect this trend will prevail as the cloud computing competitive landscape continues to evolve.

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