Geminare Empowers Online Backup Industry with Introduction of Virtual Server Rapid Recovery

Transforms virtually all business-calibre online backup solutions into true Cloud-based Business Continuity

May 2nd, 2011, Toronto, ON – Geminare, market leader in the Recovery as a Service space, today introduces Virtual Server Rapid Recovery (Rapid Recovery), a managed cloud-based solution designed to dramatically streamline the manual processes associated with system restoration when using online backup services. Compatible with virtually all business-calibre online backup services, Rapid Recovery provides cost-effective recovery of production systems to a secure cloud environment by leveraging a customer’s existing backup solution. Rapid Recovery ensures that companies can quickly and easily restore operations in the event of system failure or disaster recovery event, while preventing the loss of critical data through online backup solutions.

Joshua B. Geist, Geminare’s CEO, said, “Rapid Recovery will effectively appeal to any company that today relies on online backup to protect their data, especially those that have endured the time-consuming, laborious process of restoring a failed server. With Rapid Recovery enabled, companies can initiate system restorations with the click of a mouse. Instead of tying up IT resources for hours or days to restore failed systems, businesses can rely on Rapid Recovery to do a full system restoration in a fraction of the time, and with minimal involvement.”

Key to the introduction of Virtual Server Rapid Recovery is the coinciding next major release of Geminare’s Virtual Network Operations technology – VNOC 2.0, which revolutionizes the Cloud DR market by providing a complete, feature-rich Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) platform. VNOC 2.0 provides all levels of users, from Channel Partners to customers, with a completely automated, service-level management toolset that includes network monitoring, alerting and change management reporting; all with virtually zero footprint.

David Chapa, senior analyst ESG Global [in 2010], added, “Geminare is addressing one of the long-standing challenges for companies both large and small – how to quickly recover from an unplanned outage to avoid further disruption to their business and revenue. The real problem areas, such as preparing the server, knowing the configuration and not only quickly restoring the data but also the application – are all taken care of by Geminare’s enabling rapid recovery.”

Geminare’s Rapid Recovery uses a secure, client-side connection to maintain a Restore-Ready Standby Server in the Cloud. When an event occurs involving a protected onsite server, the customer simply engages the standby virtual server to complete a restore of their production environment to the Cloud. Users then continue to operate as usual, and online backup services continue to run using the cloud-based standby server instead. The complete solution is managed and monitored through Geminare’s award-winning multi-tier channel enablement platform which offers an entirely Cloud-based Data Protection Suite to ISV’s, OEM’s, Channel Partners and their customers.

According to Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies and the Founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace, “Enterprise-oriented service providers have tried to move ‘down-market’ for a long time without success because of the economics that apply to small and mid-market customers. Geminare is building on its proven cloud-based recovery and business continuity capabilities to give these providers a highly scalable, online backup service that can cost-effectively satisfy the needs of this segment of the market.”

Rapid Recovery is available immediately and is being introduced to the market through Iron Mountain Incorporated’s (NYSE:IRM) LiveVault® service as “Rapid Recovery for LiveVault®.”

About Geminare
Geminare is the market leader in delivering Recovery as a Service (RaaS) solutions to the Cloud computing market. Dedicated to building game-changing Cloud technologies, including Cloud Recovery, CSA Archiving and Rapid Recovery solutions, Geminare delivers its products through a network of channel partners worldwide including Iron Mountain Incorporated, Qwest Communications, Hosting .com, Bell Canada, MTS Allstream, CA Technologies, Ingram Micro, LexisNexis, Long View Systems and many other leading organizations. Geminare is located in Palo Alto, CA and Toronto, Canada with operations and partners in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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