Storage Strategies NOW: Outlook Report


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Data Protection and Recovery in the Small and Mid-Sized Business (SMB)

By Deni Connor, Patrick H. Corrigan and James E. Bagley
Storage Strategies NOW
October 11, 2010

The data protection and recovery space is exploding as more businesses recognize that protecting their assets – their information — is key to business survival. Small and mid-sized businesses are a market that has been underserved by data protection software, appliances and online backup services until the last few years. Yet, these organizations have the same needs as large enterprises to protect their data. SMBs, unlike large enterprises, though are faced with a number of unique challenges.


Providing full-time dedicated IT resources may be beyond their means and paying for that IT help and for the software to manage their data may quickly overwhelm them. They often turn to managed service providers or value-added resellers to manage their infrastructures or to supplement the IT skills they have.


Now, there are many software packages, appliances, target arrays (which have integrated snapshot and replication capabilities) and services available to SMB customers that provide data protection and recovery. This survey addresses most of them.