Tier1 Research: “Geminare tackles cloud insecurities with new version of cloud storage platform”

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Geminare tackles cloud insecurities with new version of cloud storage platform
Enterprise and Mass-Market Hosting

By Jim Davis, senior analyst
Tier 1 Research
August 13, 2010

Geminare, a provider of software for building cloud storage and disaster recovery services, recently unveiled an updated version of its Cloud Storage Assurance (CSA) platform. The new version of CSA adds an archiving engine that enables cloud storage users to provide an audit trail for their data. The auditing is made possible because a unique key identifier is created for each file, email record or data access session. Altered files are identified when keys are mismatched. CSA 2.0 also automatically indexes data and provides search and tag cloud functions for users.
Geminare’s platform already allows customers to use public or private clouds, with support for Amazon S3, Atmos Partners, Iron Mountain Archive Service and others already provided. CSA 2.0 can be used for archiving and searching email and file backup on disparate cloud environments, but the auditing feature also means it is easier for customers to migrate between clouds (using Geminare’s Server Replication platform) because the keys can confirm whether data has gone missing or was altered during the move.

T1R take

Geminare CSA 2.0 addresses both a psychological and legal concern of cloud customers by allowing auditing of data. Customers fear vendor lock-in less, and have (a bit) less to fear from lawyers when using (or moving to) a new cloud storage provider because they have an audit trail for verification. Geminare’s cloud-based DR and storage solutions are sold through partners like Bell Canada and Hosting.com. T1R expects more hosting companies and telcos to take note of the company’s offerings and incorporate them into their cloud service portfolio.