Geminare vaults the Recovery as a Service market forward: Geminare Server Replication 2.0 for Cloud

March 18th 2010, Toronto, ON – Geminare Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of Geminare Server Replication 2.0, its next generation hosted product that can be integrated with virtually all Cloud Compute, Storage and Hosting Platforms in the market today.

With Geminare Server Replication 2.0, Cloud providers can now provide their customers with Geminare’s revolutionary Server Replication service, in addition to their Cloud Compute and Storage products. Used in conjunction with Geminare 2.0’s Channel Enablement Platform, Cloud providers can rapidly enable Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions, to deliver white-labeled, game-changing products designed to capitalize on the enormous, multi-billion dollar RaaS market.

“This release represents a next-generation rewrite of the technology stack underlying our Server Replication Service, which over the past three years has been adopted worldwide,” said Joshua Geist, CEO of Geminare Incorporated. “With Geminare 2.0, our Partners can provide immediate management, monitoring and Server Replication on physical and virtual hosts running on any platform, including Public and Private Clouds, and physical systems located on premise or around the globe.”

Through deploying Geminare Server Replication 2.0 on their own platforms, Cloud Providers can revolutionize the way disaster recovery, business continuity and server replication services are delivered – affording their customers and partners the ability to manage and monitor their physical or virtual server infrastructure from anywhere, at any time, truly representing a tectonic shift in the way Recovery as a Service can be deployed and utilized.

Craig McLellan,’s Chief Technology Officer, states, “We are among the first partners to utilize the Geminare 2.0 Server Replication offering, and we are thrilled with the market response, with customers adopting the service before our pilot program even completed. We believe this product will have a dramatic impact in the Cloud Services market.”

Geist added, “ is leading the way in providing its customers with the ability to protect their servers both onsite and in the cloud through their world renowned data center infrastructure. We are delighted to have as our business partner, and are greatly encouraged by its early market success.”

Geminare’s Server Replication 2.0 introduces increased support for different applications and platforms, advanced reporting and managing capabilities, and more flexible deployment models including physical to cloud, cloud to cloud and cloud migration capabilities.

Geminare’s Server Replication 2.0 Feature Summary:
• Enterprise class server replication in a Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Model.
• Packaged and delivered to provide rapid deployment within the Small and Mid-sized Market segments.
• Failover and run workloads for your critical applications such as MS Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, BlackBerry and others from virtually any Cloud Provider’s platform, all through a single mouse click.
• Restore operations back to your primary servers through a single mouse click Failback, while continuing to allow users access to their data.
• Archival file capabilities for long-term retention to any Cloud providers storage platform through the Cloud Storage Protection Option.
• True visibility of your protection status with frequent, detailed and complete non-disruptive disaster recovery tests.

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About Geminare
Geminare is a software development and cloud enablement company dedicated to furthering the Recovery as a Service market by building game-changing Cloud technologies which can be delivered through Partners to the Small and Medium Enterprise markets. Currently in the market with Server Replication, Geminare counts amongst its partners, Bell, Synergy Global Solutions, CA Inc. and many other leading organizations. Geminare is located in Toronto, Canada with operations and partners in the USA, Canada and Europe.

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