Geminare Announces the First Cloud-Based Storage Solution to Deliver Continuous Server Availability


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Geminare Announces the First Cloud-Based Storage Solution to Deliver Continuous Server Availability to the SMB Market


MARCH 10TH, 2009 TORONTO, CANADA Geminare Incorporated introduces the first cloud-based storage service to deliver continuous server availability to Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) through a global network of authorized channel partners. This 100% channel-focused solution leverages the near infinite storage of Amazon’s Cloud Storage Service to deliver robust archiving while providing real-time data replication and continuous server availability in one integrated platform.

SMBs gain access to highly scalable, reliable, fast, and cost-effective storage, with the significant and unique ability to continue working without disruption during scheduled maintenance, local server downtime or an unplanned outage. Geminare gives channel partners and their SMB clients, the capacity to add these capabilities on the fly, without investing in new infrastructure, staff, or software.

“Clients can automatically compress and archive selected directories and files into the Amazon Cloud for up to 7 years, and pull down saved, deleted or archived versions at any time through Geminare’s secure portal,” said Joshua Geist, President and CEO of Geminare Incorporated. “This archiving capability enables SMBs to meet the strictest compliance standards, easily and without specialized expertise while protecting their onsite data from accidental deletions, modifications or corruption. Real-time replication ensures that, in the case of an unplanned outage, users are instantly redirected to a mirror version of their fileserver, which is immediately available at a secure Top Tier data center. Business continues as usual.”

Geminare’s Cloud Storage Service is available as a stand-alone managed service or as an add-on to Geminare’s Business Continuity Service – for SMBs with specific archiving needs.

Geminare Cloud Storage Advantages
• The first continuous availability storage and archiving system designed around the needs of businesses
• File archiving and retrieval as far back as 7 years to meet complete business regulatory requirements
• Auto Failover capability means the ability to provide immediate access to your server files even when your primary onsite server is down
• Enterprise class block level replication provides the ability to instantaneously failover and failback when your fileserver is restored
• Provided as a managed service offering with complete Top Tier Data Center and management console included
• Absolutely no onsite hardware, software licenses or technical resources required to provision or manage the service
• Seamless integration with the leading cloud storage provider Amazon S3, absolutely zero configuration or setup required
• No impact on your production environment servers during compression,uploading, search or retrieval
• Utilization of Geminare’s Patent Pending high availability architecture
• Can be utilized as a stand-alone data archiving solution or as an add-on to the Geminare Continuous Availability solution

About Geminare
Geminare is the leading provider of host-based continuity, data protection, and archiving services that keep businesses running uninterrupted with no capital investment. Our unique, patented hosted SaaS platform puts Enterprise-class Continuous Availability, Data Protection, and business-level Archiving in the hands of Small-to Medium-sized businesses, by eliminating the need for additional investment in infrastructure, hardware and software. Geminare’s turn-key solutions facilitate real-time server replication with automatic failover, immediate remote operational capability, with complete data archiving and protection. Geminare’s head office is based in Toronto Canada with local offices in the USA and Europe to service channel partners and customers worldwide.