CA selects Geminare as its Worldwide Go-To-Market Provider for Hosted SaaS-based Business Continuity

Toronto, Canada November 17, 2008 CA Inc. has selected Geminare Incorporated and its SaaS-based hosting platform to deliver a leading edge Business Continuity managed service to the Small and Medium-sized business (SMB) market worldwide. The service is 100% channel focused, and allows partners to offer their customers complete protection from unplanned outages within 24 hours of becoming authorized.


For the SMB Market, which typically lacks the resources to manage their IT infrastructure in the same way as their larger competitors, this offering delivers enterprise-class continuous availability, with no capital investment – a significant advantage in todayʼs volatile economy. The agreement also simplifies the buying experience for customers who want to deal with a single vendor for procurement, deployment, service and support of their Hosted SaaS-based Business Continuity requirements.


The combination of the award winning CA XOsoft product with Geminareʼs patent-pending SaaS Business Continuity Platform provides customers with a host-based system for assuring that their critical technology infrastructure including all Windows based file and application servers are provided uninterrupted access and maintain a high state of availability, even in the case of a critical system failures, with no requirement for onsite hardware or capital purchases.


The offering encompasses:

  • SaaS-based, data protection via real-time WAN replication of file servers and databases for Windows Servers, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS, BlackBerry and Oracle
  • Application availability via fully automated failover and failback for file servers, Exchange, SQL, IIS and Oracle
  • Continuous data protection that provides data recovery in the event of isolated data corruption episodes
  • Disaster recovery site compliance through fully automated, scheduled tests of an organization’s disaster recovery system without disrupting the production environment or existing data protection
  • Provisioning and deployment in days from start of customer management, replication and reporting


“All businesses, not just the largest, need to cost effectively and easily ensure the availability and recoverability of email, database and other business applications across their storage infrastructure,” said Adam Famularo, senior vice president and general manager of CA’s Recovery Management and Data Modeling business unit. “With this strategic partnership, CA and Geminare are meeting customers requirements for protecting, securing and quickly recovering critical applications and information from any location across their firm – delivered via a very cost-effective and easily deployable host-based SaaS offering that leverages the power of the proven CA XOsoft technology.”


“With this solution, CA customers can compete in a challenging economic environment by leveraging a service that offers them the technology to keep business operations running smoothly,” said Joshua Geist, CEO of Geminare Incorporated. “Application and data availability is no longer a ʻnice to haveʼ for a company, it is an expectation that their customers assume they have taken care of. With this service, this expectation can finally become a reality with a rapidly deployed, enterprise class solution backed by the power and prestige of CAʼs XOsoft technology. Also, utilizing the Geminare platform, CA can now allow their base of channel partners the ability to sell disaster recovery and business continuity as a service into their customers, opening up highly sophisticated and powerful technology in a simple and accessible model,” Geist said.


Supporting Quotes:
“The opportunity for SaaS providers in the SMB market is astronomical and the value they can provide their customers is huge, said David Dadian, CEO for Inc, a Hohokus-based managed service provider. “With this service, neither the customer or reseller is investing a lot of capital up-front . They can achieve the same results as a mirrored site at a fraction of the cost.” This minimizes cost and provides for faster and greater ROI.


“Particularly in today’s economic climate, we are looking to lower the total cost of technology and eliminate operational headaches for our customers so that they can focus on their business and get an effective ROI” said J. Michael Drake, founder and CEO, master IT, a Tennessee-based managed services provider. “With this service, we can provide the business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities they need, as well as saving them and ourselves any large start-up costs.”


About Geminare
Geminare is the leading provider of host-based continuity services that keeps your business running uninterrupted, during a system failure with no capital investment. Our patented hosted SaaS platform enables Enterprise Class Continuous Availability to be delivered to the SMB market. Geminare’s turn-key solutions facilitate real-time server replication with automatic failover, immediate remote operational capability with complete data protection. Based in Toronto Canada, Geminare services customers worldwide.