Cloud Recovery / Auto Failover


Remember when companies had downtime...
                                       with Cloud Recovery, downtime is a thing of the past.
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Geminare's Cloud Recovery allows your organization to conduct business as usual during a critical server failure through auto-failover and redirection of your users to a real-time, replicated server environment in the Cloud.

Failover and Failback are seamless and rapid, with users and applications up and running in mere seconds, ensuring continued service for your customers.



You're Protected Within Hours


Geminare's Cloud Recovery starts with a Technical Readiness Assessment to identify your mission critical servers and applications that require high availability. Once the Readiness Assessment has been completed, a secure VPN connection is established, your essential applications and servers are replicated in the Cloud, and your business is fully protected immediately from unplanned server outages and the resulting negative economic impact.

You Assume Complete Control


Geminare's Cloud Recovery auto-failover service provides you with easy and secure access to the Partner Portal, our unique web-based interface that provides real-time visibility to your server network through our virtual NOC and allows you to monitor the status of your environment. In the event of a production server interruption, auto-failover is instantaneous. And at any time, you can also initiate a failover and failback at your discretion – instantly, or at a scheduled time tailored to your requirements. Cloud Recovery affords you the opportunity to manage your resources more effectively by scheduling system changes and updates on your timetable – even during normal business hours – with the guarantee of continuous application availability.

No Capital Investment Required


Geminare's Cloud Recovery requires no capital investment. Customers are billed on a monthly basis for each replicated server, at prices far more economical than a traditional build-it-yourself solution.

Geminare Delivers Compelling Value


  • Immediate protection
  • Zero System Downtime
  • Zero Data Loss
  • Failover and Failback in seconds
  • Reactivate your systems on your time table
  • Flexible scheduling for upgrades and routine maintenance
  • No financial risk and substantial return on investment (ROI)
  • Total Protection with Global Reach
  • Scales to meet your growth and timeline needs
  • Access your applications and data anywhere, anytime
  • No appliance, software or human resource burden
  • Real-time activity and system health check reporting
  • Protected from environmental and unwanted intrusion


Industry Information and Regulations


Download: US Regulatory Compliance for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Download: Industry Backup Options - Comparison


Failover and Failback are seamless and rapid, with users and applications up and running in mere seconds, ensuring continued service for your customers.


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