Enabling Recovery as a Service (RaaS) for HP Helion

Delivering award-winning RaaS Capabilities to HP Partners through integration with HP CloudSystem and HP Helion Public, Hybrid, and Private deployments.
Geminare’s RaaS on HP Helion:
Geminare’s RaaS Cloud Management Platform (CMP) has been integrated with HP Cloud technologies and our award-winning Cloud Recovery offering is able to run from all CloudSystem deployment models as part of the CloudSystem Ready program.
Geminare is a member of the OpenStack Partner community, which has further established synergies between HP’s Helion Cloud and Geminare’s CMP, and out of the gate, provides direct integrations that service providers can leverage.
Currently Geminare has built over 18 unique and patented capabilities that allow a service provider to leverage their infrastructure to deliver RaaS seamlessly and successfully. These capabilities have been recognized by leading analysts and have won Geminare the Gartner Cool Vendor assignment, the #1 position in Gartner’s recent Critical Capabilities Report on the RaaS marketplace, and HP's AllianceOne Partner of the Year Award for Converged Cloud.
Over 18 unique technologies that empower a service provider to
successfully deliver RaaS on their HP Helion infrastructure.
Service Providers on RaaS:
Service Providers can now leverage the HP Helion OpenStack core using a customized HP infrastructure, designed specifically for the delivery of Cloud services, to launch world-class RaaS programs to their customer base.


"HP Helion is the “Next Gen OpenSource Cloud Platform” bringing
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and RaaS to HP customers."
-- Martin Fink, EVP and HP CTO
Geminare’s Cloud Recovery on HP Helion is a Cloud-based, server replication solution that addresses business continuity and disaster recovery requirements by leveraging the flexibility and cost-effective deployment models that the HP Helion Cloud can offer. Cloud Recovery can be deployed in hours, and provides near instantaneous failover and failback capability for your production servers (both physical and virtual) to the Cloud platform of your choice, and is tightly integrated with HP Cloud technologies.
“A Channel Partner Ecosystem plays a fundamental and
mandatory role in the Helion ecosystem.”
-- Steven Deitch, Vice President, Worldwide Cloud GTM
HP Helion offers:
  • An Extension of Services
  • A Hybrid Cloud Architecture
  • Innovation Acceleration & Agility
  • Dedicated Security Team Global Support
  • and … RaaS Enablement
Geminare's Cloud Recovery solution on HP Helion offers:
  • A comprehensive, managed solution
  • Failover and Failback in minutes
  • Flexible scheduling for maintenance windows
  • Ability to scale with your organization and on your timeline
  • Secure online Portal for easy up-to-the-minute management
  • Real-time activity reporting and system health check reporting
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