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Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015

We welcome Google and the next evolutionary step in DRaaS

By Joshua Geist, CEO Geminare
This is not about a simple collaboration announcement. Today we welcome Google and usher in the next evolutionary step in DRaaS.
Less than a year ago I penned a blog entitled, “RaaS, say hello to the Public Cloud,” wherein I predicted that based on two emerging trends (1. plummeting Cloud prices and 2. increasing business acceptance of the public Cloud as viable), RaaS solutions would find greater adoption in the Public Cloud. 
The announcement today of our collaboration with Google and the availability of Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform solutions, including Cloud Recovery and our recently launched Cloud Archive, confirms my prediction.  As gratifying as that may be, its actually not the primary reason for this post.  Today, I want to address what I believe this announcement really means.  It’s not just a collaboration with one of the best known Cloud brands on the planet, and it’s not just a technology story that talks about integration, capabilities, or a robust global ecosystem of service providers.  It’s an announcement that signifies the next stage in the true evolution of the DR industry.
Technological innovation has a way of altering one’s perspectives by providing new solutions and options to the status quo.  We’ve seen this time and time again in numerous industries, such as telecom with the introduction of mobile technology, broadband access and smartphones. And when the tectonic shift in technology occurs, we find ourselves trying to remember how it was before and why anyone would even consider doing it the old way? 
In the DR world, the old way, aka build-it, is now being tossed aside for the better way, DRaaS, where IT organizations worldwide are taking advantage of the financial and myriad operational benefits never before afforded them in this space.   
So, here’s another prediction.  The DR “better way” will soon become the “only way.”  
There appears to be others in agreement with this prediction, too.  Beyond the statistical evidence, such as TechNavio Research reporting that “Recovery as a Service Fuels Cloud IaaS Growth”, or Research and Markets highlighting that “Savvy Cloud Providers Adopt DRaaS as Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Soars!”, there are industry heavy weights throwing their predictions into the ring as well.  A great example is Microsoft’s claim just this week that “Backup software is dead.”  Yet another telling comment was made by the chief CTO of Bank of America, David Reilly. While discussing how BoA will migrate its systems to the Cloud, Reilly stated, “I worry that some of the partners that we work closely with won't be able to make this journey."
These types of statements combined with the over 200 DRaaS service providers that did not exist a mere 3 years ago should have the “old way” vendors shaking in their boots.
If you are a mid-size or enterprise organization you are undoubtedly managing or building a comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructure. This infrastructure frequently involves hardware, software, networks, offsite data centers, specialized skills and substantial resources.  Almost certainly it involves CAPEX, significant Operating Expense, operational complexity. And often it also involves long-term locked in agreements with the old-world, incumbent DR providers. 
That pretty much sums up the old way.  And if you have a knot in your stomach just thinking about how you are handling your DR needs today, don’t be concerned.  The better way—the only way—is now easily within your grasp. 
DR is not as simple as imaging a system and storing it in the Cloud, then hoping it will work when you need it.  Organizations that have managed their own DR needs for years, have understood that the delivery and management of a successful DR program requires specialized tools, management capabilities and technology integrations that enable their teams to be directly involved with the delivery and support.  This is what Google and Geminare have set out to accomplish.  Evolved DR.  The Better Way.
Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform combines the globally trusted Google Cloud Platform with Geminare’s fully integrated DRaaS suite of cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery solutions—the same DRaaS Platform that has been ranked as the #1 DRaaS product offering by numerous analysts.
All manners of Service Providers can now successfully compete in the delivery of DRaaS solutions with little to no infrastructure investment and can easily include additional high margin, value-added services.  That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform is available to the global Service Provider community, including many of the organizations that you deal with today. This rich Service Provider ecosystem is an important step in how Google addresses the Enterprise market.
Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform.  It’s the next evolutionary step.  It’s smarter, and modernized DR.  It’s the Better Way. And I predict will soon become the Only Way that businesses are handling their DR requirements.  

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