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Monday, Dec 16, 2013

Lessons from the NFL – The RaaS Opportunity

By Joshua Geist, CEO Geminare
Each NFL season seems to present a Cinderella story where a team that did not have a winning record the previous year rises to become one of the top teams in the league.  This year’s Cinderella team is the Kansas City Chiefs whose 2-14 record in 2012 had nobody predicting that this same team would have started the season with 9 straight wins, and now sits at 11-3 and is assured of making the playoffs.  
Stories like this, while common in the world of professional sports, are less likely to happen in the business world; but every so often, they still do.  In the world of BC/DR for example, the legacy “build-it” solution providers have led or been ranked near the top of the pack for decades.  But thanks to the emergence of the Cloud and innovative new cloud-enabled offerings like Recovery as a Service (RaaS), new market entrants are challenging the traditional BC/DR providers, and remarkably have bumped the big guys from their perch at the top of the industry.  One such company is global telecom giant and Geminare partner, NTT Communications, who launched a RaaS practice a little more than a year ago and recently was ranked as the #1 RaaS provider in the world in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Assessment (CCA) of the Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Market.  What was so significant about this #1 ranking is that it unseated the incumbent providers in the industry, such as SunGard, IBM and HP—something that had not happened in close to 30 years.
Like the Chiefs, NTT Communications has seemingly come from a starting position in RaaS to what is now a dominant position in the very competitive and lucrative global BC/DR market, and has done so in a remarkable 12 months. 
How did this happen?   Certainly it started with visionary leadership, an all-in philosophy and a team dedicated to making NTT Communications Cloud Recovery product a global reality.  But I believe it really started when the visionary adopters in the NTT Communications organization took the time to fully understand RaaS, how it could dramatically leverage the value inherent in its world-class Cloud infrastructures (with a footprint in over 190 countries), and how RaaS had the capability to rapidly transform the BC/DR market, and decided to leverage that footprint.     
Like the Chiefs who changed their coach, brought in a new QB and introduced a whole new winning game plan, NTT Communications brought its own winning formula to the BC/DR landscape with RaaS.
RaaS makes BC/DR easy, not only for the Partners who can literally launch a RaaS practice in days, but for RaaS end customers who can now quickly deploy BC/DR solutions for their mission critical applications.   Within hours, companies of all sizes can be protected from system downtime thanks to RaaS, something that was unheard of just a few years ago.  
Like the NFL, organizations at the top of the BC/DR pack can no longer rest on their laurels.  They need to accept that the threat and opportunity with RaaS is real, and that the rules of the game have changed permanently.

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