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Thursday, Oct 07, 2010

IDC Technology Assessment of Geminare



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Geminare Incorporated: Delivering Cloud–Based Disaster Recovery and Server Replication for SMEs


By Krista Napier, Senior Analyst

IDC Canada

October 2010



IDC OPINION         


Traditional on-premise infrastructure solutions for disaster recovery and server replication can represent large capital, software, and operational costs for organizations. These costs can price smaller and medium size businesses out of enterprise class solutions, and represent large expenditures particularly in vertical markets where regulation is rigorous and costs can be high, such as financial services, legal, and healthcare. Geminare is addressing the need in the market for affordable robust solutions by offering cloud-based disaster recovery and server replication capabilities for SMEs.


IDC believes Geminare's solution can deliver the following:


  • Monetization Opportunities for Public Cloud & Service Providers. The Geminare solution is a white-labeled multi-tenant cloud service platform that provides partners a way to monetize their cloud infrastructure investments beyond the existing cloud compute and cloud storage product offerings which have already become commoditized.


  • Customer Upgrade Paths. The Geminare solution allows cloud providers to target SMEs with a low-cost and low-risk way to leverage cloud services without giving up complete control of on-premise critical applications and databases to the cloud. Once customers are comfortable with the service levels from cloud computing, they can then be targeted for add-on services or moved to a collocation service.


  • Reduced Costs for Real-time Disaster Recovery. Geminare's solution is designed to allow the small and medium sized market to move to a managed service model for replication and archiving of critical applications and databases without additional capital or software expenditure, reducing the need and operational costs for on-premise disaster recovery infrastructure.


  • Scalability – Without Added Investment. The solution is designed to scale over time without increasing the cost of overhead on a physical building. As well, the Geminare Recovery as a Service (RaaS) offering can, according to the company, pay for itself within a year in many cases when one takes into account software licensing, hardware purchases, extra bandwidth and power requirements associated with alternatives such as collocation.





In this study, sponsored by Geminare Incorporated, IDC provides insight into Geminare's disaster recovery and server replication solution. IDC studies the capabilities and applications of Geminare's solution, the size and trends of the market it is addressing, and the company's challenges and opportunities for growth. All currency figures appearing in this document are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.





Geminare Incorporated, based in Toronto, Ontario, plays in the backup and recovery software market. With the Geminare offering, e-mail and BlackBerry outages that might take four or five days to recover from are now available again in minutes, with replication happening on an ongoing basis so that data is always current. Once the infrastructure is repaired, it can take just minutes for Geminare to failback to the production server. Meanwhile, users are not aware an outage has occurred.


Geminare's solution is positioned to deliver the following value:


Reduced Monitoring, Maintenance and Support Costs. Geminare's solution is designed to offer greater operational efficiency and cost savings by allowing organizations to move to a managed service model. Costs associated with monitoring, maintenance and support of an internal solution are removed.


Improved Customer Service. Outsourcing can free teams to focus on strategic projects in line with an organization’s wider business objectives.


Scalability – Without Added Investment. The solution is designed to be scaled over time without increasing the cost of overhead on a physical building. The Geminare RaaS service can, according to the company, pay for itself in many cases within a year when one takes into account software licensing, hardware purchases, extra bandwidth and power requirements associated with alternatives such as collocation.


Seamless Failback. The current process of recovery from a backup environment can take days, and is typically only available to the Enterprise. Geminare’s failback capabilities set them apart from traditional imaging offerings.


Vendor-neutral Cloud-based Archiving. Geminare’s backup and archiving solution, Cloud Storage Assurance 2.0, runs on virtually all of today’s major cloud storage infrastructures. Customers can control where their data resides, whether on public or private clouds, and they have the ability to move their archived data to another platform seamlessly, thus avoiding vendor lock-in – one of the biggest concerns today around cloud storage.





Geminare offers enterprise-class, cloud-based business continuity services to the SME space, and it does so in a cost-effective, technologically impressive manner that provides real opportunity for a broad and diverse channel looking to leverage Cloud Compute and Storage into their product portfolio. In this respect, the company is well positioned to address the market opportunity at hand.

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