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Creation Date: Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010

QUESTION: What is Recovery as a Service (RaaS)?



Recovery as a Service (RaaS) essentially uses the Cloud as an “on-demand” data center that allows organizations to consume variable resources on an as-needed basis. The RaaS market includes three deployment models:


1. Simple online backup or data warehousing. This model is the easiest and most economical way to “back up your data” and is most commonly deployed with SMBs. However this solution doesn't scale, and the real challenge comes when trying to restore a backup environment or simply trying to retrieve specific historical data; stored data cannot be easily accessed and used.


2. Virtualization technologies. These solution types take ongoing snapshots of the server system and the stored data at regular intervals. This option requires on-site appliance configuration and maintenance, is vendor-proprietary, and cannot provide timely and adequate failback support without a bare-metal recovery process.


3. Cloud Recovery. In this model, mission-critical applications and data are replicated in real-time to a Cloud environment. In the event of an on-site server failure, users can continue to run in the Cloud for as long as required to address the issue. Failover to the Cloud and failback to the restored Production environment is fast and seamless. And because there are no on-site set-up requirements for the end user,  vendors are able to remove almost all the costs associated with appliances, data centers, physical recovery servers and software from the cost of a DR or BC plan by deploying vendor pay-as-you-go virtual instances in the Cloud. The Cloud Recovery model not only introduces dramatic cost savings through providing resources on demand, it delivers better performance than traditional on-site systems and can be deployed rapidly – allowing companies to avoid the painful multi-month deployment process that characterizes in-house infrastructure solutions. It’s not uncommon for Cloud Recovery vendors to deploy services using automated tools, with go-live times measured in hours instead of months.

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