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Creation Date: Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010

QUESTION: What is Cloud Computing and how is it different from Software as a Service (SaaS)?



Cloud Computing provides users with access to web-hosted applications and resources. However the major difference between Cloud Computing and a SaaS model is that with Cloud Computing, resources can be scaled on the fly (up and down) to accommodate the usage scenario of each user. This allows for a more customized environment without the need to pre-stage anything, which is typically required in a SaaS deployment model.  A second key difference is that within the Cloud, the solution is integrated directly into the cloud environment, allowing rapid and easy deployment across multiple clouds or technologies, making it an easier “cross platform” solution.

In summary... SaaS is typically a prestructured solution deployed as a hosted offering with little onsite requirements.  Cloud Computing is a more dynamic, flexible and openly accessible “capability” that can utilize underlying cloud computing technologies.

Geminare’s RaaS portfolio is built around a complete Cloud deployment model.  As such, we are able to utilize the resources of any cloud compute or cloud storage provider in the market allowing “all service providers” to utilize our technology in delivering a solution to the marketplace.

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• What is Cloud Computing and how is it different from Software as a Service (SaaS)?

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