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Monday, Aug 23, 2010

The next-generation data center … aka The Cloud.

Who can forget the raucous 90’s when mergers, acquisitions, hostile takeovers and bidding wars were the order of the day? Companies were being bought and sold like pieces on a Monopoly board, and it often felt like the wild ride would never end. Of course, it did – rather spectacularly – and the crazy times gave way to more traditional ways of business consolidation.

The catalyst to this volatile period was, of course, the evolution of the Internet from an esoteric tool used mostly by academics to a vehicle not only essential to the business world but to our lives. The Internet, effectively, became the “compelling event” that turned the business world upside down, and inspired many companies to dramatically change directions to ensure continued growth and, in some cases, their very survival. 

Now, I believe that the next “compelling event” is upon us, and that we are on the verge of another tumultuous, exciting period as companies of all sorts and sizes scramble to find their niche in…The Cloud. Consider the following:

As widely reported, Hewlett-Packard made a surprise counter-offer this morning to buy data-storage company 3PAR for $1.6 billion, a price about a third higher than Dell had offered for the company last week.” Rumours are now circulating suggesting that Dell may fire back at its long-term rival, and increase its bid to land 3PAR. 

Think about it. A company that did $184m last year while losing a penny ($0.01) per share is about to be acquired at a value ten times its 2009 gross revenues. We haven’t seen action like this for quite a while. 

So, why the big interest in 3PAR? After viewing their website it only takes a second to find that answer, 3PAR’s catchy phrase, “Power Your Cloud with 3PAR.

Dell recognizes that the market is rapidly and aggressively embracing The Cloud, so it made a bold move to acquire 3PAR to ensure that Dell would be part of the promise held by emerging Cloud technology. Clearly, HP feels the same way, and its counterbid was summed up nicely by David Donatelli, an HP Executive, who stated, “"Our whole strategy is built around converged infrastructure. We're driving these technologies together, and that provides the foundation for the next-generation data center."

The next-generation data center…aka The Cloud. 

I’m guessing this bidding war is just one of many we’ll see in the upcoming year as leading companies worldwide try to stake their claims in the Cloud – the “next big thing.” 

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